An A/C System that is working properly should have PSI on the high side and 30 PSI on the low side. · PSI / 30 PSI = You have air.

This kit has a built in guage that has a scale to account for ambient temperature. May 28, at am The figures provided above are a general estimate only. Thanks for your comment!

The wires going to the comoressor have current to them but the compressor itselfs is bad.

air conditioner not working psi at 70

Quite often it is the Refrigerant Control Valve, as jcrews suggests. The refrigeration low side pressure 70 psi of your air conditioner needs to be at the correct pressure in order to produce the temperature low side pressure 70 psi to cool down the vehicle.

Lurchalicious Veteran Member. Also, what pressures should I see on the high and low side in a properly working system on a 80 degree day?

A.C. very weak. Low side 30 psi, high side 150

After this year, CadillacBuickand Oldsmobile also offered AC extras on a range of their vehicles. Assignment of debt template this helps. Use hoses with a minimum psig service pressure rating. I've researched this question further but not yet found specifiations indicating that the refrigerant operating pressures are different with an inverter or VRF air conditioning or heat pump design.

My problem is high side pressure was 70 psi, and low side pressure was psi. when filled with R refrigerant after vacuum removed at

Btw I do the same for most things on the cars I work on. Are you using the can that has the built in gauge? The following example pressures are based on "rules of thumb" that get you in the right "ballpark" if no charging chart is at hand. You never know if the compressor itself is healthy until you open it.

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THEN, the gas absorbs even more heat from the evaporator airflow, causing evaporator temperature to fall below the freezing point of water. If we connected the suction line low side pressure 70 psi to a sealed vacuum test gauge we'd actually find that the compressor could pull an actual vacuum on the line. The low high side pressure suggests to me that the compressor isnt pumping enough, but then, why is the low side cool to the touch?

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Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. The expansion valve controls the flow so that it stays at optimal levels and keeps the evaporator temperature where it needs to be.

The real benchmark system — the one that, basically, we still use today — was developed by Nash. Once you know that your pressure is off and that's the reason your air conditioning is not working the way it's supposed to, then you should hopefully be able to troubleshoot one of the causes that we've gone through which led to this pressure imbalance in the first place.

Thanks in advance. My compressor is leaking.

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Inthe National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimated that the average modern AC system uses approximately 4 hp. If you ever see a single fan running, something is wrong. Many systems end up over oiled, or overcharged due to procedural errors alright.

I have 97 Windstar, L in which the AC has quit working. I measured the pressure at 70 psi on the low side which is way too high.

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°, psi, psi 70°, psi, psi Before we define the Ra low side pressure chart, let us understand what ra stands for.

Start car and check both low and high readings. If you're getting 70 psi, low side, with compressor running then it's too high. There could also be a leak in the AC system. The old school variable displacement compressors were mechanical systems, and therefore needed a way to disengage from the engine belt system. Example of a more theoretical air conditioner or heat pump pressure and temperature at the compressor and at the cap tube or thermostatic expansion valve. › forums › showthread › A-C-Pres.

For other readers, an "inverter" in an air conditioning system is a variable speed control that changes the pumping speed of the AC compressor motor in response to the temperature in the conditioned space. The desiccant in your AC unit does the same job.

I got a set of ac gauges from the autozone tool rental program and checked the pressures. Log in Register. This leaves you with an extensive leak. High side normal to slightly low Causes: Low on refrigerant charge. As we've established, there are two different sides to your AC system that have two different pressures. Jake, It can be very dangerous to work on a system you do not understand. Symptom: Low cooling Pressure readings: Low side is low. Our Address.

The typical low pressure side PSI is between 20 and 50, so 70 is on the high side although not likely dangerously high. If you're not getting.

Hello, Yes install a new o ring and then recheck for leaks. High-side air conditioner compressor pressure : output high side pressure during operation is the pressure of the compressed refrigerant gas as it leaves the compressor motor. And no the clutch is not stuck. After putting in 8 oz of r measured with a digital kitchen scalethe vent temperature was around 48 or so. Bentley also says that the pulley has a rubber shear point so if the compressor locks up, the pulley shears, disconnecting the compressor from the belt drive system.

However, if the system is low on charge, the evaporator is only partially filled with refrigerant, so half of it will be cold and the other low side pressure 70 psi hot. By association, your fuel economy is also affected.

This question is one of the most hotly debated and has been for some time. Lesportsac crossbody black gold nothing where the low pressure tube comes into the compressor except a valve on top with a cap that says "H".

This chart details how ambient temperature correlates with the system refrigerant charge pressure, and how it affects high and low side psi.

If the pressure on the high side and the low side match what is recorded for the ambient temperature around your air conditioner then you don't have a problem with the pressure of your coolant.

Getting your air conditioner serviced, especially if you need to drain the refrigerant and put new stuff in, is something that has to be done using the exact right tools by a professional.

low side ac pressure is high (70 psi)

Every year a few AC compressors blow up in people's faces. I hope not because I understand that can get quite expensive. The compressor was not running and the low side gauge is buried because it only goes to psi. Todd, Thanks for posting. Members Registered members Current visitors.

Something has to give.

A.C. very weak. Low side 30 psi, high side | TDIClub Forums

Thanks Todd. If your compressor it's not working the way, it's supposed to then obviously the pressure in your AC system can be severely compromised as a result. Use a hand pump vacuum to operate the valve or move the cable by hand to close it off. Correct me if I am mistaken, but isn't key-dance method still available to manually retrieve the codes? In fact, as others have posted, psi is normal, 70 is definitely high.

70 psi is about right for non-running, at around 70degrees f operating pressures will then go lower on low side, and higher on high side.

The other potential reason for this situation is an overcharged system. Anyone have any ideas what it could be. Online statistics Members online 6 Guests online Total visitors With the engine off it it about Also ext vs non ext?

- low side pressure = 70 PSI, - high side pressure 0! - through the sight glass = heavy stream of bubbles, - compressor not switching (turning.

Replace the compressor and receiver-dryer; vacuum, and refill. Last edited: May 2, If you studied thermodynamics in high school you learned that heat always flows from the warmer to the cooler material. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator.

However, whereas these have the purpose of removing heat from the vehicle, the evaporator removes heat from the air. IF it starts to turn it is ok. We discuss how to diagnose refrigerant pressure problems; how to determine the proper refrigerant charge quantity. Yup, when the system doesn't call for cooling the compressor ramps down the swashplate. Immediately after passing through the condenser, the liquid is forced through the dryer. If low side pressure 70 psi is any liquid refrigerant present and there is in a normally charged system then the pressure goes to the saturation pressure.

Use of the charging chart for the specific compressor is the correct way to service it. Static pressure is the pressure with the system at rest compressor off for at least mins. It seems like it should be around ambient, if all the ra boils off in the evaporator.

A/C pressure

Accept Learn more…. If you are experiencing a problem with how your AC works, but you also have these normal ranges of low pressures on the low side and high pressures on the high side then it means you have a problem somewhere else in the system. Thanks for reading, and I hope you manage to successfully get your AC working once again.

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They can be tucked away down the back of the engine block sometimes. The High Side temperature must be high enough to get transfer of heat into the outdoor air. There are a few too many variables for this one to just be handled on your own, or for the reason for this problem to be refined down more than what we've said.

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- F - AC Low Side Pressure Too High (70 psi) - I have 97 Windstar, L in which the AC has quit working. I measured the pressure at 70 psi on.

If the charge is low and there's only gas coming out of the evaporator which means the vents will still be cold! You are using an out of date browser.

No one can on our VW systems or many other systems. When liquid charging with engine off, do you flow refrigerant in through the high or low side?

This high temperature refrigerant gas is then cooled down to condense into a refrigerant liquid before it is returned indoors to the air handler and evaporator coil to be used to cool building air.

The current temp while charging was 90 degrees F. The pulleys and the fan belt — not to mention the AC system overall — are all much more efficient these days.

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I wonder if someone has coated the inside of your condenser with some leak sealer or something? The AC pressure switch regulates the flow of refrigerant through the compressor. I don't know enough to make that call and they were all good. To know for sure that this is the problem you do need to test it low side pressure 70 psi the engine isn't running as pressure goes higher when you do have the engine on, as they're supposed to. Thread starter mbehensky Start date Jun 21, Log in.

Low side pressure will increase to the point where the low-pressure switch activates the compressor. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

AC Pressure Chart | Ra Temperature Pressure Chart

Generally speaking, you want around psi on the low side and on the high side. Anon You can find your refrigerant pressure in the article and references above, but youll see you have to name the specific refrigerant gas ans the ambient temperature. Agreed, it doesn't matter which port to use for the initial charge, WHEN the system is evacuated.

Manifold gauge set with hoses. To get your head around this, it might help to compare your thinking with a hose pipe. Thus, one pound of ra is equivalent to lbs of CO2. Search titles only.

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I had a similar situation a few years ago. You must log in or register to reply here. If you put your hand on the high side line it is neither warm or cool. › blog › what-are-my-ac-pressure-readings-telling-.

It will be sucked in almost complete, can upright. Is the method for adding refrigerant different for inverters than a standard system?

To get more in, you have the have the engine running, and charge through the low side port, where pressure is less than the can pressure, and therefore gets sucked in.

If the condenser fan is under too high pressure it can warp the aluminum and cause leaking from the evaporator coil. May 29, at am Or, if you can access the orifice tube, apply heat to the orifice tube as you watch system pressures. This was mostly the case in hotter parts of the country — the South.

Hi The a/c system was evacuated and added R Low pressure side 70PSI (too high) and high pressure side PSI (too low) Can it be.

Add freon till the liquid line low side hose starts getting cold. Manufacturers do seem to just like making things difficult occasionally.

AC Low Side Pressure Too High 🏎️ How To Diagnose & Fix The Problem

Blower set to HIGH speed 3. For example with that cute old R12 refrigerant, as long as there is just about any refrigerant in the system - enough so that there is some liquid refrigerant, i. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I'll see how it does over the next year, and if I have to add more I may have to try and find the leak. The pipes with a narrower diameter are high pressure. I would assume less pressure in system when compressor is off then when on?

However, in a partially filled evaporator, the vapor then absorbs heat. What is the problem and what action needs to be taken to correct the problem? The pressures don't seem that bad.

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